November 2, 2008
By Chris Albert, Plainfield, IL

It is time,
Open your hearts,
Dare not divide your attention,
This the end of ends,
And the beginning of beginnings,
Look o'er your shoulder for I digress,
I write this only for you,
Dread and love permeate from ev'ry pore of my being,
But you my sibling,
You are special,
Your being is silent,
You are colorless,
Allow your mind to mold with mine,
For my tale will be told,
But it is you my brother,
Your my sister,
You my friend,
Only you can hear it,
The truth is only a heartbeat away,
Can you feel it?
The wonders of knowledge are great indeed,
We are pioneers on an ocean of humanity,
Searching all the while for that hint of land,
But finding such bitter truth is something I cannot bear,
Even as my pen strokes this pulverized wood,
I am no pioneer,
I am a slave to truth and morality,
Unable to stop even as my weary eyes scream with tire,
Unable to even...
Unable t-,
A baby's laugh,
A lover's sweet caress,
Simple moments frozen forever in time,
Alas how foolish,
Such simple gifts selflessly given and greedily consumed,
Become fainter with each grinding breath,
As unclear as the fogged eyes of star-crossed lovers,
Finally tasting the essence of the condemned so hopelessly cast away,
So dark and deep that no emotion will ever bring it back,
Each and every day you cannot help falling further and further,
An eclipse of black rushing closer and closer to completion,
Blinding all those who look upon it,
Reach out and you'll become blinded too,
Just close your eyes,
Calm your storming mind,
Welcome the shroud hiding you,
Just survive and breat-,
Lungs collapsing, limbs flailing for something,
Then... but wait,
A finger,
A palm,
A body,
A mind,
So strange in the suffocating black,
It is all you can do to hold on,
And breathe such glorious air,
Hasten! For can't you see?
Dark tendrils grasp that which you found,
Change to dark snakes full of poison,
Which they spit into the mind,
Joined minds and hands and lips,
Fight to stay entwined,
But one mind-one set of hands-one pair of lips,
All that kept you alive simply releases with tainted certainty,
And as our soul careens into the deepest darkest depths,
A blow so powerful as this,
Makes one confuse the truth,
So hard to find it if indeed,
That hearbeat never comes,
Can you feel it?
After an endless expanse of time,
No thought or cell unclaimed,
A ray of light so weak and small,
Fights valiantly to be free,
Worn and battered rust encrusted locks begin to fail,
And as the womb begins to heave,
The child so small and frail,
With cold and crashing suddenness,
As lungs devour the air,
A shiver racks throughout the bode,
The veil no longer there,
Eyes a'burning-hearts a'churning,
Why not just return?
To safe-warm-dark embraces that,
I have learned to yearn,
The mouth moves without head's consent,
Sometimes whispering then sometimes screaming,
Reborn without a heart,
Instead a cold-dark-vice prevails,
But minds are clear,
And buried wells are now allowed to rise,
Everything from brute to babe,
Now serve midnight eyes,
As eyes digest,
Limbs are flying-crazed and racing,
Sly rat on slow old ox,
Fighting the current to cross,
As hoofs are drying rejoice for freedom rings,
Shadows sweep away to a bright and polished gold,
Oxen falls; its task is done,
On high you fly until we meet again my frend,
Little rat with its hard and cruel intelligence,
Muscles clench as with the mind,
Falling and falling,
So frightening that plunge,
Can you feel it?
Enter stage right,
Ocelot emerge,
Sharp eyes, sharp ears, sharp teeth untamed,
Freed but still knows not of divine wisdom,
A crystalline mind still bearing Shadow's brutal scars,
Those memories locked forever with pristine irony,
It is they, who unknowingly lead her nose,
A beautiful being encased in such dark miasma,
Minds clasp, hands clasp, hips clasp,
From nowhere and everywhere at once,
A slithering,
Reptiles creep from their lair,
No-not the pain again, please!
There must be a way,
Painfully unclasp one while two remain,
A warmth bubbles as those damned creatures disperse,
Their stench still present as a miracle occurs,
The beautiful being fights to shed its shell,
Miasma falling all around but never again,
Never again will those hips clasp,
A tear disappears in the world and then...
Bum bum,
These form a key,
To the lock my child,
The only lock you've ever known,
Turn and click,
Cautiously the door inches open,
Then disappears as you,
One step-then two,
Lost forever in a myriad of colors,
New beginnings eclipse the ends,
The most beautiful thing of all,
The heart beats,
Can you feel it?

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