Carpe Noctem

November 2, 2008
My love and I shall dance the night

Beneath the stormy sky

Before the moons more vagrant gaze

Its piercing crystal eye

We'll wile the waning hours till

The morning sheds her light

When sunshine takes the shadowed earth

Into her steely vice

Then with heads thrown back in bubbling mirth

We'll slip into the trees

And lay us down among the wood

Amidst the sweeping breeze

Sleep will come with sheltering grace

Among the greenery

And take us both away from here

So far across the sea

To follow moon in her pursuit

As she sweeps across the earth

The light now shining on Gaeas face

True measure of her worth

When at last she rounds the mounts

The trees reach up their limbs

Embracing firm the chilling glow

As the suns pale light yet dims

Never more shall the two of us

Be caught by dawns new light

Aband'ning sun for velvety night

Finding daylight all too bright

For night is that which lovers know

The midnight hours held dear

And in the arms of true love found

The night can hold no fear

The night is that which dreamers see

The visions coming fast

And in the hours of peaceful sleep

The happiness can last

Then from the earth my love and I

Shall rise from slumber sweet

Twining hands and dancing meet

Gayly singing at her feet

The wild creates its own swift beat

We are the both of us once more complete

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