Wanting Innocence, Getting Reality

November 2, 2008
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A little girl rides by on her bike
The news this morning hasn't affected her
She doesn't realize whats happened
Another crash leaving two kids mother-less
Two innocent people shot in their driveway
Her biggest worry: Barbie or Bratz?
I want that innocence back
Not understanding death
Not having to face reality, yet
Watching Cinderella
Playing dress-up
And terrorizing your brothers
The stress-free younger years
Next step: Becoming a teen
High school
Getting a driver's license
And boyfriends
Unfortunately, reality tags along
So many worries now
Peer pressure to do drugs
Underage drinkers being drunk
And teenage pregnancy
So many bad decisions to be made
So much responsibility
Death seems to become more prevalent
The dreaded phone call comes
Suddenly someone is no longer here
Coping with the loss
And so many tears shed
Leaning on friends
And returning the favor
Friends receiving bad news
Trying to comfort their stressed minds
And listening to help them cope
Broad shoulders become a necessity
And strength, a requirement
Gaining knowledge with years
Experiencing the un-thinkable
And becoming a young adult
Reality is cold and harsh
A slap to the face
Each slap is painful
Just as painful as the last
Or worse
Youngsters don't have to face it
They have an innocence about them
What happened to Barbie and Bratz?
I want that innocence back.

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