Une Poeme a Mon Amour (A Poem to My Love)

November 2, 2008
By Emily Morgan, Fairport, NY

You said that you’ve been searching,
For what you did not know.
Something was missing in your life
And you continued to see the days just come and go.

Then somehow I appeared,
An Emerald shining clear and bright.
You said I somehow filled the void,
And set everything right.

You worshipped and exalted me,
And seemed to raise me high,
But looking at all I’ve said and done,
I can’t seem to understand why.

I gripe and groan and whine and moan,
Almost every single day.
It seems to me that I’m a burden,
In almost every single way.

You know that I’m not pretty,
And have seen that I’m not smart,
So how is it that you can find
A place for me in your heart?

How can you love me,
A lowly peasant girl?
Even though I’d give my life for you
And as I was dieing love you still,
I can’t see where you see good in me,
Or why you’d want me in your world.

How could you, my Lord and Love,
See me shining bright?
When others see only grimy green,
Beneath the glaring lights?

You seem to think I’m much better
Than I really am,
Or else I’m sure you would have left me
Buried in those sands.

Those sands of time past spent crying,
Spent crying all alone,
Yet somehow when you picked me up,
You found a light in me that shone.

It was probably because you’re kind,
And care more than anyone could know
That you decided to pick me up,
And to take me home.

Home into your arms I went,
Home into your heart,
And ever since that very day,
I can’t stand it when we’re apart.

I can’t bear to be away from you,
My Wolf, my Love, my Friend,
And despite the doubts of others,
I’ll love you to the end.

You are my Love and my Savior,
A guardian from up high,
My one and only love,
From now until I die.

I can’t bear to be away from you,
My Wolf, my Love, my Friend…
And despite what others might think about us,
I’ll love you ‘til the end.

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