November 2, 2008
By Anna Miller, Phillips, WI

Squeezed into the corner,
Voices haunting me,
One hundred lashing screams,
Muffled as can be,
The salty potion running down my cheek,
The heart beats drum, and my chattering teeth,
The other day you leaned over, and said it’d be alright,
Yet nothing is okay, it’s another haunted night,
You said things would get better, if I’d just calm down,
But those ghosts haunting me don’t know that,
They are still around,
The secrets of my past
Are always chasing me,
The terror and tremulous nature of life taking its leave,
Quaking and holding on so tight, I will not let go,
Maybe if I squeeze hard enough, I will not fall apart,
Maybe the suns first light will show,
During the day I smile brighter than the sun,
But no one knows, at night I’m guilty
for all the things I’ve done,
Screaming deep inside,
That kind of silent scream,
Chained down, but I need to run,
I just need to leave,
This is what nightmares are made of.

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