One Way Frienship

November 2, 2008
By Rachel Mashkabov, Forest Hills, NY

It angers me how i have to be there for you
When you never bother to ask what it is I'm going through.
I've never picked anything over you and I've always been here
No matter what, I have always been near.
And now, one time I fall through
And you act like I always do
I said I'm sorry just calm down
I would've let it go but it's not the first time around
I'm sick of making space, taking time from my friends
when will all the nonsense end?
If you need to let things out, I'm here
but don't come to me hoping I'll resolve your fear
I can't always tell you what's right and what's wrong
There's goin to be a lot of decision making, because life is long
And it brings with it happiness and smiles
But pain and grief all the while
So be careful, watch out for yourself and be independent
Im not trying to ruin our friendship, it's not like I want to end it.
But if this is what it takes to be your friend, to give up your own life
That's no true friend of mine
We're supposed to help eachother, not just a one way thing
Love and happiness is all I want to bring
Into your life, always and forever
Like true friends: be together, and stay together
But with you I don't feel the together, no I just feel as if I'm suddenly a suffering part of you
You ask me for advice on things where I wouldn't know what to do
I sense the sarcasm, I feel the anger
Now im starting to see the danger
Of missing a day by your side
Take my word for it, I promise you'll survive.

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