November 2, 2008
The sky is dull,
The mood is bleak,
I look outside,
And feel weak,
But as I gaze,
Upon the scene,
I spot a flake,
With silver sheen,
I walk outside,
Moved by the sight,
And upon my nose,
To my delight,
That snowflake falls,
Glistening and white.

It felt like just yesterday,
The snow last fell,
But now what I see,
Is more like a smell,
Tulips and rosies,
Marigolds and posies,
As the seasons begin once again.

Kids are outside,
Or in the pool,
Our lockers are closed,
It’s the end of school,
As we fool around with nothing to do,
It’s better than anything,
Like everyone knew.

Leaves fly everywhere,
From trees to the ground,
And when it is nighttime,
There are interesting sounds,
The mice running away,
The owls perched, cooing,
The witches cackle sharply,
Then continue their brewing,
This may seem scary,
And we all know,
That Halloween is near,
But it’ll come and go.

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wragy4 said...
Dec. 11, 2008 at 9:07 pm
I can feel the snowflake and smell the flowers. Very articulate.
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