The sight Unseen

November 2, 2008
By Tyler Lehman, Beaverton, OR

A car sits in an empty lot
Surrounded by darkness, light there is not
It looks lonely, abandoned and old.
The paint is peeling, a window is cracked,
its covered in mud and scratched up to boot.

But wait! A movement!
inside this car.
A closer looki will reveal what we saw.
The radio is on, sweet music flows out
the front seats are empty.
Let's look in the back.

A sight most beautiful
a description of time
A lover asleep in the arms of another
the iside is warmth
the atmosphere calm.

A look at the clock
it's getting very late
but they do not care.
They've got nowhere to be
better than in the arms of each other.

Let's back up again
and look at this car.
It doesn't look so lonely,
abandoned and old.
It looks cherished and loved
and most of all content.

And what would you have?
Love all alone without judgement or hate,
or surrounded by strangers, no feeling at all.

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