November 2, 2008
By Sarah Hageman, South Plainfield, NJ

Grandpa sitting in his chair
a big, tan, comfy, arm chair.
He pulls me on his lap to tell
me a story from his childhood.
I smell the coffee on his breath.
I loved him most of all.
One day he had a heart attack.
The hospital did all they could
then sent him home.
I went to say hello and I saw
him. He was not my grandpa
this man was gaunt and weak.
He had tubes in his body and
wire hooked up to a machine
Slowly the tubes were taken out
and he was my grandpa again
One day my nana and grandpa
came over to say goodbye they
were going on a trip to see friends
If only I knew that would be the last time
I saw him. I would have said
I love you more.

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