The Ocean

November 1, 2008
By tiffanysanzone93 BRONZE, Aragon, Georgia
tiffanysanzone93 BRONZE, Aragon, Georgia
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Walking along the beach,
Tears running down her face.
She remembers the last moments with him.
Scarred and Bruised,
Her pale skin shows the marks,
Her soul,
The pain.
Her eyes wonder across the vast water,
Sapphire blue.
The sun barely hanging.
Her blonde hair wisps in the chilly Autumn winds.
Her dress easily brushes against her fragile body.
Never thinking it would end this way,
She slowly walks into the freezing water.
It sends chills up her back.
She walks further and further.
She suddenly drops off an underwater ledge.
Too weak and cold,
She is unable to fight the water.
She slowly floats among the currents.
Her body begins to sink into eternal darkness.
Her soul is free.
Free like the sapphire ocean.

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