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January 15, 2014
By bakerlovespewds0328 PLATINUM, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
bakerlovespewds0328 PLATINUM, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
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(strictly pletonic)

The book of philosophical jibber jabber
I dedicate these poems to the people I wrote them about. If I didn’t write these about you then I don’t want you reading them. If they are about you then don’t share them. You say you already shared them on Instagram? Well then, I’m disappointed. How dare you. Or if your too busy twerking out your “yolo-swag”to read some poerty.to that, I blame society, and partially miley cyrus.good day.

Double barrel shotgun
I have two shotguns
In my home
They’re stored in a safe
With a metal gun case
I live in an area that’s wooded
Somewhat secluded
And if there is ever any trouble
Just go out on the balcony
And fire a warning
All I need is
Those shotguns..
You don’t need a flamethrower
You don’t need a tank
You don’t need an AR15
To scare those thugs away
Oh, you don’t a grenade launcher
You don’t need a M15
There’s only one thing you need to do
To keep those thugs away from me-e-e-ee-ee
Fire two blasts
Outside the house
Buy a shotgun

Buy a shotgun
You don’t need a machine gun
You don’t need 30 rounds
Buy a shotgun
Buy a double barrel shotgun
Americans could be killed
By a drone
Don’t feel very safe in your home
Say it isn’t so-o
Americans could be killed by a drone
In a café, in San Francisco

Double barrels shotgun part 2
Calm down senator
You’re trying to say
We would kill people in cafes
It’s simply false
Oh yes
It’s simply false we don’t wanna blow up the café
I’m not that bad
Please don’t kill me
We will not kill you
Will you drop a missile on Jane Fonda?
No, we won’t blow up Jane Fonda.
Americans could be killed
In their home
The government agency is building a one million square foot complex
In Utah
It will host phone call and email data
This is not our place to decide
Our government needs to decide
They sit there with the numbers
And they can play all day long
What the heck is going on
Fire two blasts
What the heck is going on?
Americans could be killed
By a shotgun, by a drone
By a flamethrower
At the NSA
They sit there, they have the numbers,
And they can play all day long
What the heck is going on?
I don’t know?

Shy about love
I saw her.i saw her that fateful day
I felt the bliss of my heart expand
I saw her with senseless care
I felt as if one with my heart
It’s a prison you know
Being like this
Got enough courage,
Not enough bliss
For it is of love
I feel for this girl
I look into my day
To see her once more
But once again like a flightless dove
I have a weakness
I’m shy about love

I saw her again, saw her in pieces
I knew that she needed me now more than ever
I found her past lover left for a girl
That would soon leave him for a more sensible man

I ran to the girl, to change her whole world
But once I had failed to confess my thought from above
Did you all forget I’m shy about love?
I fought fought fought fought this emotional break
But lost lost lost in my imperial wake
I can try one day to tell her my love
But until them my comfort to her Is long lasting and l love enough~<3

At night i half to hide
I destroyed the wither diary
I made the end world blow up like a firecracker
I avoided the siren dancer
I lost all of my diamonds
My mine cart is my carriage
Killed a golem with a whip
I just blew up a creeper
The blacksmith safe is my only provider
The life of meaning is my approximation

Society and its terms
If a girl isn’t available
She is probably too busy twerking
Thanks a lot miley Cyrus
All my friends are too busy
Putting a hat and saying swag
Or jump off a cliff and yelling Yolo
I can only blame stupidity
At least school is normal
I can have grammar on speed dial
I’ll call it instagram
But I also have math
Not so fun
Had 99 problems
But didn’t do one
I greet all my friends
But I do it in terms
Hello and welcome to standing up school
And you failed

Get money, turn aday
Hello my name isn’t Marco bay the supreme
But you can vote
You can vote for me
For president if you want
But also I’m not Marco bay
Do still have your pony law
Yes oh yes free ponies for all
I thought that I should say
That Barack Obama will turn aday
He’s turned aday, he’s turned aday
Hey single ladies he cannot play
Cause he’s turned aday, turned aday
Not a single straight strand in his DNA
Cause he totally just totally turned aday
Our instinct says everybody should vote
But some kids are dumb, and they shouldn’t vote
Those kids aren’t paying attention
Oh! On Election Day give them detention
Hey lets ditch class
Go to the rock concert
All the kids are so stupid
Stupid, stupid, stupid
Hey Al, tell your points on money
You can hire 50 kids for the price of one janitor
Give the kids money
Cash money
Cash money can get you some college
Get to the college fast
Cash money can make you live
And add some fancy flash
That money, that cash
That money, dispatched
That money, that cash
Get cash, money money, cash, money money

This petty love triangle

There she is
She loves me. She hates me.
She just isn’t sure
There’s the other
She does love me
She knows her feelings
Who can I love?
Who will be hurt?
I’m still kinda shy
I must ponder this
See who my best is
I need to find my lover
But for now, my mind rests
On my decision
I can use this poem as a hint
For her to find
I do it now
And I’ll use rhyme
You’re in the class I rhyme in
Your name is with one more
Your tan smile lights with your smile
Your beauty of galore
You can’t be replace by any
I love you as if I’m possessed
I overcame my shyness for you
Your name began with S
Don’t treat me like a creep
I know you’re slim and tall
But you should know
Out of all the girls ,You’re the prettiest one of all

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