The Drug

November 1, 2008
By Ariscell Tavarez, Far Rockaway, NY

Clouding my mind.
Dulling my senses.
Killing me on the inside.
Making me rotten.
It steals my common sense
and doesn't want to give it back.
It tempts me everyday.
It says it will make me invincable.
It says it will make me powerful.
It says it will make me everything I want to be.
I believe it and I know I shouldn't.
It makes me believe that my future
doesn't matter.
The whole world doesn't matter as long
as I fit in and am having fun.
I think at times that I shouldn't be
doing this but then the drug kicks in and I don't care.
I've had a few tiffs with the law now
and then but the drug didn't give me a chance to get a straight story.
It's always at the end,the very end
when you've realized how low you've gone
when you can't change that you want to change.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my school because one of the teachers wanted a poem or a writing about drus for drug awareness week.I wasn't about to just write a paragraph so I wrote this poem.

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