November 1, 2008
By Lace Heiserman, Malone, NY

As I watch the rain fall down

And hit the ground

I feel the pain deep inside me.

As I ask myself why.

Why am I here???

What is my purpose???

What is there meaning of life???

Why’d scrap have to us that knife???

Why’d O.G have to live???

Why’d Mike Lee stab Freddie?

Why’d Roxie have to go down like that?

Why do the Vets lie?

Why’d they have to let her cry???

Why can’t I afford college???

Why’d the parents stop providing knowledge???

Whys my brother facing 2 to 3???

Whys the government got to be so greedy???

Why’d Nancy have to turn around and leave Mike for Petey???

Why can’t I be tall beautiful and skinny???

Why can’t I look in the mirror and see something pretty???

Why do some got to be so racist???

Why is that the judge and the caseworker got to be the blindest???

Why dose all this stress belong to me???

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem call "Why" because one day it was raining out and i was feeling depressed so i sat down infornt of the computer and it just cam to me. Everything in this poem i have dealt with in my life. Like the line that says "Why'd mike lee have to stab freddie that refers back to when my older brother got stabed one night and he was put into the ICU.Really i wrote this to let out what i was feeling inside.And i hope everyone enjoys it.

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