Summer Time will be Love'n There

October 31, 2008
Summer Time will be Love’n There **1

Is a boulevard **2
Where thorns and flowers meet.

When She leaves—
I walk and lay
Day by day by day by day

The window to me
Is shut away
Shattered—here I am on knees- - -

Hands of snakes
Touch of snails
Animals aren’t They?

The children live across the way
In a world that sees the sun
Oh! If I could bleed, or sleep— **3

Like them
And smile or weep
But colorless, colorless **4

‘Less you knew more!
Red rivers of pins
have quite the story to tell

through City lights’ flicker
reflected by black eyes—
little flames of hell**5

Oh my life-Ha—
Do I terrify? **6
But do tell me more!

Tell me anything
Words and heat

150 roses for the full **7
100 roses for the half

But have words!
Sing like willows and bear meaning of bears!
I—He said I’d meet some gentle people there **8

For roses I’ll do anything
Now more than before

Seasons round
Winters and Summers pass
Still as a corpse I lay

150 for a full
100 on a half

** references

Scott McKenzie’s Song “San Francisco (with flowers in your hair)
Sunset Blvrd. is a place in SF that is troubled by prostitution
Line from Plath’s “Poppies in July”


Line that mirrors “Do I terrifiy” (line 12, Plath) from “Lady Lazarus” poem
Line from “San Francisco” by Scott Mckenzie
Roses are symbols of beauty but also the prostitution slang for money (i.e. 150 roses is $150)

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