Unspoken Words

November 2, 2008
She dreams, she says she dreams,
Of mountains thick with snow,
Of fields full of flowers,
Of life.

She hopes, she says she hopes,
For a world with no harm,
For a lifetime full of pleasure,
For peace.

She thinks, she says she thinks,
Of a storm breaking at sea,
Of a forest bursting with trees,
Of grace.

She wishes, she says she wishes,
For eternal everlasting love,
For companionship everywhere,
For change.

She talks, she says she talks,
Of miracles yet to come,
Of justification for the weak,
Of strength.

She wants, she says she wants,
For desire to be fulfilled,
For life to have a purpose,
For time.

She knows, she says she knows,
Of the past, the present, the future,
Of things better left unknown,
Of truth.

She lives, she says she lives,
For the lonely who will be loved,
For the dreams that will be satisfied,
For love.

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