The Disappearance

November 2, 2008
By Michelle Lega, Joliet, IL

The taste of salt upon her lips,
A gentle touch, a tender kiss.
She fades away another day,
And she is gone.

Though tears may come, they never fall,
Impossible to get through it all.
A sudden pause, a lost cause,
And she is gone.

Sad and spent, forever lost,
A burden that bears such a cost.
A life of hate, too bad, it’s fate,
And she is gone.

Hard enough to live her life,
Eternal years of endless strife.
Time goes by, she still won’t cry,
And she is gone.

Hide behind, don’t speak out loud,
Her face hidden in such a crowd.
She won’t leave here, too shy for fear,
And she is gone.

She can’t seem to find her place,
Stuck in a world with such disgrace.
Her life cut loose, a forgotten truth,
And she is gone.

Her time is up and she is done,
Her life lived without any fun.
Look at her now, she doesn’t know how,
And she is gone.

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