Life's People

November 2, 2008
Life's People

Some people are lifes music notes
upon lifes staff they freely float.
They make a song, play all around
some notes excel and have their sound
heard round the world while others stay
unnoticed and get put away
those notes don't learn to walk alone,
some day those notes are on thwir own.

Some people are lifes rolling cars
upon lifes road their near or far.
Those of exspensive build and shine
may be to goodness always blind
and those so dirty with low air
need to remember lifes not fair.
Stop at stop signs, let cars through
you might learn somthing you never knew.

Some people are lifes bubble gum
rolling around upon lifes tongue.
Some have flavor rich and fine
but do not last such a long time,
and some end up stuck on the bottom
fell off the edge and a shoe caught 'em.
Try to make bubbles, learn to pop
because someday lifes chewer will stop.

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