One Moment Can Change Everything

November 2, 2008
By Kaela Kelly, Chattanooga, TN

It's cold outside as you walk on your own down an empty road;
wishing you were anywhere else than following an uncertain path leading to the unknown.

You suck in the frigid air and it paralyzes you to the bone, wish such a harsh affliction, it unhinges your core;
takes away every last hope you might have had before.

You close your eyes as your mind begins to scream,
replaying every last unwanted memory you can't seem to not bring.
You ask yourself those same questions daily and all you need is the answer...
the reason why you can't seem to change things.

Suddenly, you feel someone's eyes upon you and you begin to choke on your own fear;
you're afraid of what you'll see when you open your eyes,
afraid of what they see that keeps them so intriguied,
mostly your afraid of what that person could become to mean.

But all it takes is one moment, one moment for you to realize the girl,
looking up at you from under her eyelashes then back down to her feet,
is everything you need.

One moment for you to see all her insecurities displayed before you as if you were watching a TV.
All it takes is one moment for you to take the three steps seperating you,
so you can gently touch her cheeck and say I've been waiting for the day we'd meet.
And it's in that moment, you see me...

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