A Moonlit Night

October 31, 2008
By Tiana McKenzie, Hosuton, TX

Beneath my feet I feel the slick dew.
Crickets and fireflies coming to and fro.

The night is evaporating with the scent of fresh spring, tiny lights dancing everywhere I see.

The air smells pure of sweetened scents no matter what direction I turn to; the flowers heralding the arrival of spring for they also knew.

The sky was inky black, stars twinkling with their faint lights, trying hard with all their might.

Enveloping the darkness with all its brightness, the moon hangs proudly no matter what the condition, it's engrossing beauty captivating me all the more.

On a moonlit night like this, a warm feeling is sent through me for I'm captured by the surrounding bliss.

My toes tingle with delight at the tickling grass, tiny little caterpillars teasing their way up and down my pants.

On a moonlit night like this, I'm eternally surrounded by Mother Nature's Beauty, her voice whispering softly to me.

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