Have you?

October 31, 2008
By samantha reyes, Fort Worth, TX

have you ever felt like you dont belong?
have you ever felt like anyone doesnt like you?
have you ever felt the pain that i felt?
have you ever cut yourself to ease your pain?
have you ever gotten in trouble for something you didnt do?
have you ever been judged by your race?
have you ever cryed over someone that you thought was for you?
have you ever struggled through the life that you are living?
have you ever had more than ten of your homeboys or homegirls die?
have your parents ever fought over stupid stuff that doesnt make sense?
have you ever gotten your heart broken over and over?
have you ever felt the pain that i felt?
have you?

The author's comments:
I would describe myself as a young teen.I dont tell people stuff about me.I might say something that sounds deep but it's not the whole side of me.Nobody knows the real me.

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