Fade away

October 31, 2008
By , Roanoke Rapids, NC
From the tensions of the way you move,
I feel the vibe that your heart is bruised.
We sit here and laugh.
But it’s all an act,
Like the lies that we see through, that lead us off tract.
I wish that I was with you there,
Bruised and in despair.
Again you’re my friend,
Until the very end.
Now come and look your best.
Forget all that you have stressed.
Let this be your night,
With the light shining on you bright.
Ugh go ahead and drink that down,
But you don’t need this now.
Not to make the pain go away,
‘Cause you can be saved.
As make-up runs down your cheeks
you’ve found that you’re lost again.
You try to make your way back home,
found that you're alone.
Fall down Searching for the perfect place
For you to lose it all again
Slow down Keep it at a steady pace
As I watch you fade away.

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