Dreams Can't Compare

October 31, 2008
I must be in a dream
A dream that leaves my skin tingling
A dream that makes me smile more than I’ve smiled before
I went to school in a daze
I knew there were people in my past that did not expect me to be there
But I didn’t see the person that would love me the most in the future
I came up to his table sixth period unable to look at him without blushing
I sometimes wonder how we fell into each other’s arms
I think it was fait
He makes me smile
He makes me laugh so hard that I start to cry
He accepts me for who I am
And when we say good-bye each day I want to hold on a little longer
When we dance we sing together and it seems like a dream come true
But I can’t deny that he is so much more than a dream
Dreams are fleeting
But Dillion I can touch and truly hold in my heart forever

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