October 30, 2008
By Destiney Ellery, Oregon, WI

At once it end, close lid, bat lash, shut eyes.
To lift your hand and cup your mind, shut ears.
Just focus on your basic fake, forced tries.
Hold true belief self righteous thought, no fears.

Believe whatever you tell yourself inside,
By having a closed mind all to yourself,
Such selfishness is hard, I hear, to hid,
When you are the one only full o f self wealth.

A temper coupled with a running tongue
Of judgment, purely hate, verbal harm,
Such faintly, horrid, accusing mouths have sung,
And yet the majority contains more charm.

Oh, maybe age has captured honesty hear,
A previous generation, out dated,
For all persistent ignorance is clear,
But solving such disease must have waited.

The author's comments:
Sometimes, people choose to be shallow. Look at the world as something so simple, plain, painful, and only worth the dollar amount they work so hard for someone else for. To tell someone of such a closed minded state is terribly constricting on the mind. It is never a possiblity to these people that they too can be judged, and the verdict may be guilty. But then, will they even think about what they are accused of before opening their mouth to defend their great name?

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