If Magic Isn't Real

October 30, 2008
By Mandy Thoenen, Arlington Heights, IL

If magic isn’t real,
and dragons are a myth,
then who made them up?
Who decided that
it would be cool if
we could move things with our mind,
and called it magic?
Did he tell his friends
“Imagine if . . . “
and things exploded from there?
Or was it one of those
ancient European religions
with their rituals and druids?
And who thought
that a giant, flying, fire-breathing lizard
was going to swoop from the sky
and carry them away?
Why do elves have pointy ears
and trolls turn to stone?
Why do sphinxes tell riddles
and witches ride brooms?
Why do vampires suck blood
and krakens eat ships?
If I go out at midnight,
will I be carried away by a mythical creature
of unknown origin?
Will my carpet fly away
and will my lamp grant me wishes?
All of this is just fiction,
just another too-real dream.
We have accepted magic as
a nice concept but
science rules.
And even though
nearly every ancient culture
had a variation of the dragon,
they could not
have existed.
Maybe magic is just
what people think they see
in the corner of their eye.
Maybe dragons are just
large birds with big teeth.
Maybe it’s all my imagination
and I should grow up.
But I like where I am,
outside of the obnoxiously small box
called reality.

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