October 30, 2008
By Walter Johnson, Columbus, MT

I'm broken apart, empty, a seedless shell.
Worthless like a needle in a hay stack.
Alone, although surounded by others who might look and feel as I do.
They will never be me!
My love is a story of constant recession.
When lightning strikes its followed by thunder.
I followed your strike,
what you brought me was rain.
It's pointless, I have no purpose.
Controlless, an avalanche of sorrows,
burying me six feet under.
I thought we were better.
Confused, were you trying to push me away?
Somethings missing, thoughts crawling in your mind.
You had even said,"I shouldn't be doing this if I really loved the person."
How many times did you lie?
You don't need my love,
and I don't want your pain.
Knowledge, my companion of horrors,
is burning my nerves.
Numb, falling in the shadows of lifeless men.
I would rather be broken, glass to the floor,
shattered, than to love a lie.
Forever locked by its charm,
tricked by its words.
Feeling a false hope, not seeing the hands holding me astray.

A heart of stone thrown through my window.
It hurts but I have to let you go.
I'm down the path of the undesired.
Where I would stay, accompanied only by eternal depression.
An airtight lock, sufficated by the eyes that brought the ground to my knees.
These words of a helpless soul aren't wrote for you, but for me.
Paralyzed by my words,
shaking, making my own death bed with sheets of black.
There's no sunrise tomorrow, a writers block.
my life is not glass, but tin.
Dented by you and taking new form.

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