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October 30, 2008
By Ricki Bailey, Felton, PA

The findings of the eye is unigue but coragous. Laughing with your heart is like mocking of a child.Believing is hard doing.Listening is impossible.Caring is Deceiving. Love is mishandled. I try to find the true meaning of life. But in the eye of the people they only see light and day and pray for the day to end.But not knowing that each day going by could be there last.Listening to people that say there gonna change,Will never change until they prove themselves wrong.genetic the future.Believe in what you see. And try to find the meaning of life within.Remake the life you live.

The author's comments:
This is just one poem that speaks from my thoughts and feelings. I get inspired by life itself. And the way we have adapted to things. I couldnt imagine us all changing from my words But that would make my day to know that my poem can change us all.I hope after reading my poems and relizing things that you dont usualy relize will change you.

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