October 30, 2008
By Cassandra Kilgore, Londonderry, NH

I love puppies, peguins, people, and parties.
I dislike when people hurt innocent animals like manatees.

I have all that I could ever want.
I want nothing not even a flaunt.

My friends say I am stupidly smart.
My family says I can't throw a dart.

One day I will be a billionaire, they might even need to create a new number for all my money.
I will never harvest bees, so I can't eat my own honey.

My favorite foods are French fries, ice cream, and a ham and cheese sub.
I will never eat spinach bub.

I feel sad when I think about dead family.
I feel happy when I think of good times at Canobie.

I feel safe when I'm around people I love.
I feel scared when my air looks like a dove.

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