Forever lost

October 30, 2008
By Lauryn Payne, Evansville, IN

I am so broken right now
can anyone pick up these
shattered pieces?
I feel i am nothing
to this world so
how could i be so naive?
To actually
that you could want me
like that
then you proceeded to
throw me away
like the rest of the trash in this world-
Enraged is what i became
when i finally realized that
i was just a game-
i was being played;
there is only so much i can say to you
because i despise you and
all the cruel things you do.
I don't have to worry about
you being in a relationship
too soon-
who will honestly want you?
I laugh at myself because i am
beginning to stumble upon
perhaps the greatest irony of all:
i was the one who dumped you-
it was I who threw away the trash!
And i am here to
clean up the mess
that you left in my heart
and i know that life without you
will give me a fresh start:
the old me is surely tossed
and my love for you
forever lost.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because i recently got out of a relationship that did absolutely nothing but hurt me- but still i tried to make things work out with him. He did not care about how my day was, and our relationship turned sour because i quickly noticed that there was no communication- it was not working. After it ended, i still felt the pain, but it is slowly slipping away with every moment that i realize that i deserve better, and surely he will get what he deserves!

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