Just to remind him

October 31, 2008
By Christina Baarlaer, Cincinnati, OH

Singing these slow songs,thinking of him.Wondering what I did wrong,how,and when.Thinking of how you said forever and always.Wanting you to be here to warm me up on the cold days.Where did my bay-bee go.How do I find him?He needs to know I love him.I have to remind him.I tried to text and I tried to call.Where is my bay-bee at to catch me when I fall?This feelig of deppresion is haunting my heart.This feeling of loneliness is going to tear me apart.My eyes are raining, but he's not here to brush the drops away.I feel like I'm dying,I cant live another day.If you ever see my bay-bee,you'll know when you find him,tell him I love him just to remind him.

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