October 30, 2008
By Aaron Brown, Woodbridge, VA


I look behind,
I seem to find,
A cold reality in me,
”Forget you’re ‘dream’
It’s not what it seems

Child’s play is all they mean.”

I ignore the voice,
I’ll make my choice,
You have no power over me
All who shun,
Who make me run,
Will feel so foolish once they see,

They’ll see my heart
My love for art
Which I like to call a bang,
My creations will shine
They’ll know my mind
I guess my destiny just “rang”

My emotions aren’t expressive
I hate the word “oppressive”
It bottles me up inside
I take in so much
I can’t express with touch
It’s not really easy to bide.

My mind creates
My fingers race
Across the sheet in slow motion
I hope you know well
I hope you can tell
A job for drawing is an EXPLOSION!

The author's comments:
This is a simple poem of my dream to draw for a living so read and enjoy :]

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