October 30, 2008
I try to conceal it
The obscurity inside my-self
Behind a security too strong for most

I’ve been hurt to many times
I can trust not one person
I’ve been left shattered
But no more

I try to mask it
The pain that cuts so deep
The wound that stings
I’ll not cry

I’m numb to the hurt
Betrayal and contempt
Solace is all I have left

I search for my sentinel
For some providence
For a void to succumb to

Deceitful as we all are
My trust is for me alone

I try to conceal it
I try to mask it
The obscurity inside
The pain I have to hide

This is my desolation

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Sarah said...
Nov. 5, 2008 at 3:33 am
I like your style, you definitely have a talent, but your poem is kindof cliche. try to branch out with your descriptions and topics.
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