Yes I do Fear, It's Christmas Time Again

October 29, 2008
By Chelci Houston-Burroughs, Lacey, WA

Hearing carolers singing sweetly and clear
Children talking about Santa’s precious reindeer
Yes I do fear, its Christmas time again
For people have lost the holidays’ meaning

Yes, presents and gifts are surely real fun
But what about that family who has help from no one
Yes I do fear, it’s Christmas time again

Christmas is about giving to one another
From sister to sister, brother to brother
Love should be in the air, not stress or hate
Excitement about sharing we should create

Sometimes during Christmas I feel kind of bad
I think of the child who has never had……. anything
So next time during the holidays when you’re
Looking for multiple presents and all stressed out
Try to think of what Christmas is really all about

The author's comments:
I think everyone should learn the true meaning of Christmas through reading this poem. I have learned that Christmas is not all about presents and an enormous Christmas tree. But it's about love and caring for family, friends and those we might not even know that are less fortunate than us. When you’re a child, on Christmas day all you use to think about was Barbie and Power Rangers. Now as we get older and have learned more about our country's poverty, we realize each and every one of us can make a difference. Not just around the Christmas holiday, but any time of year.

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