If I Could See the Ocean.

October 29, 2008
Iғ I Cσuιd Sєє tнє Ocєαи.

Every movement she makes, so ethereal, so graceful,
Makes me feel like never before.
The feeling grasps at my heart, and refuses to let go;
It wants you, and only you.

Every second that I spend with her, my heart beats faster;
Capturing time itself in it's seconds.
My life was once shallow, and I couldn't find the end;
However, I see you're there for me, smiling back through the depths of the crystalline water in which I scan, looking for you.

As I see you smiling, I reach. Reach out.
I see it's not a dream, and I pull you through the ethereal reflection, angelic in quality.
I position you next to me, to where I shall hold you here and forever; at my side.

As I hold you close, I can feel your breath running down the side of my neck, making me twitch nervously;
Gazing into your eyes, I see the future. Wondering what shall become of us.
Honestly, your beauty is stunning. The depths of the ocean are held within your eyes, and your smiling face.

So, I sit there, grasping your hand, gazing into the endless depths of the ocean, held within your eyes;
I ask myself a simple question: "Will you ever be mine?"
Silent words are running through our mind, mingling and playing, mixing together freely.

My heart beats wildly, now completely fixated upon you.
An obvious blush graces my cheeks, and I giggle, trying to hide it.
I can see you don't mind it, however, as you gently embrace me.
I whisper in your ear, "I never want this to end, let us share a memory."

The world is held within your eyes, waiting for me to enter;
I hold you close to me, seizing you in my arms.
"I shall never let you go," I whisper, a blush still shown across my face.
Your smile burns at the brink of my heart; Makes the sunrise.

My neck is prickled by your icy breath, sustained by the coldness of the winter around us;
Your life is mine, so please, trust me.
This will work, it shall all work.
I hold you in my grasp, time now freezing in the barren winter, only us, and nobody.
We shall sit there for eternity; keep each other company for the entirety of life.

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