Love Maze

October 29, 2008
We weren't offical
in my eyes we were

All that time spent together
you were thinking of her

A look in your eyes and I knew
I want you

Nothing else mattered
not the clothes that you wear

Together we sat with love in the air

Our friends knew we were perfect
but we had no brand

A look in your eyes and the hold of your hand

My fingers krept towards yours
and soon we were touching

A myriad of whispers and then you were blushing

No chances were taken
at least not by me

A match made in heaven
besides you and she

A look in your eyes and i sensed a connection

But these things never workout
just create a weird tension

My heart felt a kick, a stomp, and a pow
when I first found out
we can't happen for now

You two are together
I'll just have to deal

But i will not forget
that together we were

Two weeks and three days
spining around in that cold hearted maze

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