closed eyes

October 29, 2008
the winter nights get chilly so you hold me even closer. my nose is practically touching the wall, leaving enough room on your side of my small bed. i'm getting tired but i'd rather stay awake just to breathe in your overwhelming scent. nothing has ever smelled more perfect. it is now, not freezing air, but your touch upon my body that gives me the goosebumps. please, god, dont let morning come. i keep my eyes closed but know in my heart you are laying right beside me. i can feel your chest rest against my back now, faint but enough to memorize your heartbeat. soon, mine follows. it must have been your breath upon the back of my neck that sent that chill tip toeing down my spine so precisely. i cant help but grin. i turn around to give you a kiss goodnight. you're gone. i knew i shouldn't have opened my eyes.

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