Crossing the line

October 29, 2008
Today I crossed a line

A line which I had always wanted to cross whenever I came across it

I would walk right along the line thinking of how I wanted cross it

To disregard the safety of my own life and finally go across it

To move across it and see how things looked from upon it

Today I crossed that line

I don’t know why I took so long so do it

I no longer know what stopped me from crossing across the line

I got right up and walked across it

Should I fall

On one side there was safety

I would’ve hurt in landing true

But I would not have died falling to such a side

On the other hand, on the other side

There was a true potential risk

A true chance that I might’ve died should I fall

And yet I leapt up

I leapt upon the part of the line that was safe

For but a few seconds I stood there,

Then I moved

I took one step forward

I took another and continued onwards

I finally forgot about my own safety and walked right across it

I did not fall

I managed to remain balanced along it as I stepped onwards

Eventually I made it all the way across

I looked back to see what I had done

I had made it across

I have no regrets.

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