No One Will

October 29, 2008
By Adrian Clarkson, De Soto, KS

Look all around you,
Search every place
Look in every woman
Search every heart.
Test every young lady,
Take them out and care
For them with the kindess
You never so kindly showed me.
Test every young lady,
Try them on and enjoy them.
Look as diligently as you can
For a woman who loves you like I.
But please believe me when I say,
That when your searching is over,
No one will love you like I.

Find someone who has caught your eye.
If you must, then fall in love.
Let her be far more graceful than I
And wiser than I
With such a beauty
That mine cannot compare.
Embrace her
More than you ever embraced me.
Love her
More than I was ever loved by you.
Dance with her.
Pray for her.
Laugh with her.
But she will never love you like I.

I do not wish for her
To break your heart
For my heart breaks with yours.
When you cry
Tears fall from my eyes as well.
When you realize that
The love you gave her
She will never return,
And the heart that
You shared with her
You can never get back,
Send for me, and I will weep with you.
For no one will ever love you like I.

Look for someone,
Who cares for you
With the faithfulness
That I have always had.
My heart was empty
Waiting to be filled,
When I found you.
Then your gaze caught mine
And in an instant
My soul overflowed
With my love of loving you
And no one will ever love you like I.

My every moment is covered
With the thought of you.
The stars in the sky
Write your name,
And the sun beats down on me
With rays that are
Of the same warmth you give.
I can feel your presence,
Though you are not here.
I wake up,
And you rise to meet me.
I lie down,
And I am sure
That you are lying next to me.
How could anyone
Ever love you like I?

If I am not the woman of your desires,
I will understand.
I am well with anything you want,
As well as you not wanting me.
Have your joy, and your life,
With a woman far greater.
Whisper in her ear
And be satisfied
When she whispers back.
But remember,
In all the hearts
Of all the people
In all the world
Nobody will ever
Be so devoted to you.
No heart will ever
Be so captivated by you,
And no one will ever love you like I.

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