The Meathead

October 29, 2008
The Meathead

It was a beautiful day in august.

Not a cloud in the sky

Slight breeze

It was a perfect day
My dog Milo was playing around
Milo was a golden retriever
Not an ordinary retriever at that

145 pounds

Was not fat
Just huge.

My grandma and I were sitting outside enjoying the day,
Milo was still rag dolling his toy around,
Suddenly he stopped and stood there
Looking at the fence

About a minute later
He bolted across the yard
Gaining speed, very fast
When you’re 145 pounds it is hard to stop

He smashed right through the fence
With no effort he was on the other side
He walked around in the front yard and down the street
After an hour of looking for him
He was asleep on the front porch rug.

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