Why Can You Not See?

October 29, 2008
I see the way you look at me without a second glance.
Like you see me, but you do not know me.
Sometimes, though, you glance to me, a smile on your face.
And I think, "Maybe he does see me."

You walk away and never take me there, to never look back.
I have a feeling I'm not worth your time.
I have thought for long, a kiss, maybe, then quickly walk away..
Like you don't know what you are missing.

We have had some special times, that no ones noticed yet.
Tell me why,
I do not understand.
There were weeks we never spoke, it never crossed our minds.
I was not for you, I thought you were.

The fire in your eyes, telling me I am here.
Whenever I see you I don't know what to do.
I want to tell you, but, I hesitate and then
you leave me once again.

Can't you see? It's easier to come to me and say what I want to hear.
Can't you see? How you feel, and what I need, oh, can't you see
what this could be?

I see him walking side to side with girl after girl, it pains my eyes.
In love with her, or so it seems, she's living up my only dream.
Don't even care to lend a smile, not even thinking of our good times.
And I hope that the feelings still inside.

I started to give up hope, suddenly I see you now.
I've always hoped you'd some day come back to me.
I'll bring you happiness, if you give me the chance.
But I know you will never understand.

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