Summer Day In Sunny California

October 29, 2008
By Natasha Morgan BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Natasha Morgan BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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The boredom of school has wore down to the end
A gleaming smile takes it place
As the sun beams down to my sunscreened skin
The waves crash over and over
The summer of 07”

I have never seen something with so much blue
Except the sky of course
And the sand felt so soft with a hint of roughness
But nothing uncomfortable

As I dug my barefoot into the sand
Kids played at the light blue water
Jumping up and down like a bouncing balls
The ocean seemed to be just as happy
Splashing in and out with joy

But as the day went on
My love for the ocean started to strengthen
With every salty air I breathe in and every
Single splash that rubs pass me.

Soon the sky turned into autumn colors
And the last laughs ended
Everyone has gone to rest
My smile turns into a frown of sadness
But the ocean well always be
On the side of sunny California

So for now ill have this picture to remember
The gorgeous Wednesday by the everlasting blue water.

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