laid out

October 29, 2008
By forrest young, Salt Lake City, UT

For my dad and coach Steven

The first time I made a tackle
Was painful
Smashing and crunching
As I waited in line
For my open field
Tackling drill

I was scared
Getting closer and closer
To the front
Trying to figure out who
I was going up against

When I heard my name
Forrest your up
I ran up to get ready
Not knowing what I was doing
I got in a ready position
All at once
I heard it
A Loud



I ran as fast as I could
Clutching the ball
In my hands
When bam
Like a truck
Hitting a wall
At full speed
We collided

He hit me so hard
That I just fell
On my back
And laid there
Thinking of
How I was just


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