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whats left?

October 29, 2008
By Joel C., Providence, RI

I wanan show wut i havnt been. i want the world to see whos been mislead. All this fait. comes to late.. nothing left but a world of hate. SO U TURN TO GOD WHEN ALL ESLE FAILS. NO LOVE STORY HERE JUST FAIRY TALES. UR SINKING, THE WINDS BEEN TAKIN OUTT OF YOUR SAIlS. YOU GOT A SMIRK ON YOUR FACE BUT U KNOW THAT WE'RE BOTH OUT OF PLACE. nothing left in my mouth but a bad taste. I feel like im at the final bend when its all just a horror story thts got no end! We dont no anything we jst shout. read my mind it isnt hard to figure out. Listen to my words youll know wut im all about. I care like your my own. when i really dont know tht feeling cuz im all alone. So if im there by ur side dont be surprised im just here for the ride. Whos happy? only you? whos fault? ill blame it on my self cuz i got nothing better to do. i hope youll be happy if i leave you. i need a day maybe two. just a few days then ill be gone. if thats wut u want me to do...then theres a message written on ur wall. u cant give a real answer u just stall. dont expect a phone call.u odnt care im just sayin no one can have it all...

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