"This is a Costume"

October 29, 2008
By Markita Underwood, Pelham, AL

This is a costume…
But under it I’m scarred,
And I’m bleeding,
And I’m pleading
For someone to hear me,
Or at least feel me…my pain that is.
But they can’t, can they?
I guess the old saying is true,
“Folks gone always find something to talk about.”
I thought that words were a form of communication,
Not a way of pushing someone over a cliff of desperation
Only to bring hesitation
Into what is supposed to be someone’s revelation?
Want confirmation?
A combination of frustration and isolation
Only leads to some termination of your destination.
Only reachable with meditation and undying dedication--
For the cause.
There aren’t many…if any…
But there will be plenty
Of discrimination…
Misinterpretation of your personification.
So I guess that salvation
Is only reachable through determination?
Believe me, motivation is an obligation.
There may be no explanation to your situation,
And your anticipation may just be for some form of elevation,
But remember,
Admiration can lead to infatuation which can bring forth temptation.
Or should I say change in choice of association?
Maybe your collaboration
Should become a higher form of affiliation…
A change in location?
Always remember that magnification
Is never worth the contamination of the heart,
But instead,
Make self-determination your main aspiration,
And you eventually come to the realization
That your identification never belonged in that classification…

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