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The Spectre

October 29, 2008
By Darren Cross, New Haven, CT

The Spectre

I wake up wondering
why I’m still here.
Why am I,
not there?

I look up in the dark sky,
long enough to wonder why.
While time passes by,
I believe a reaper is in the sky
watching me
eye to eye.

He has seen me!
He stares with an evil glare.
I do nothing.
I just stand, look, and stare.

As I stare at death
just for a moment,
I am frightened
But then,
He delights me.

He lowers his head
And not a whisper is heard
through the air.
I see a single tear
fall down his cheek.
It is full of hate, death, and fear.
Is it for me that he cries?

A smirk forms on my lips
As I watch the reaper.
He is full of disgrace
But he watches me.
Then, he blows a wisp of smoke
And wraps himself tighter in his cloak.

He looks up!
He focuses on me;
a red glow in his eyes.
And then he says,
“Boy, your heart is colder than mine.”

I restore my face
to its emotionless expression.
I let out a little chuckle,
And then,
turn around.

the reaper grabs his scythe
and swings for his life.
I feel a chill.
I know that I am the soul
he cannot take.

Something in my stare
frightens him.
and with a piercing yell,
the reaper returns to the fiery depths
of hell.
I let out a sigh
because I know that it is I
who is now death.

The author's comments:
I am an 8th grade student who enjoys writing all the time. My favorite subjects are social studies, and English. I like expressing myself in my writing like this one.

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