October 29, 2008
By Lidia Cera, Milford, ME

It happened so fast,
The last mom goes and a new one shows up,
I try not to compare,
The fear of my mothers anger that her daughter has a new mother,
I'm finding myself wishing my mom was more like her,
I'm finding myself wishing she was more like my mom,
Dad saids its not the same, Its not the same,
I never ever thought I'd be a divorce kid, I never ever thought I'd be a step-child,
Things were bad, They got mad at each other,
And my mother left me,
It feels silly choosing between,
They both tug at me for one to claim me,
They think they're better if I choose one over the other,
They wave in everyones face who I choose and why that makes the other worse,
I want to be away from them,
I don't want to be claimed,
I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me,
I look over my shoulder and hes kissing another woman so soon,
Can I be my own person, unlabeled by your mistakes and desires?

The author's comments:
A lot of people can relate to losing a parent and have the replacement come in. The its like whoa! You have a new mother and father and they are better/worse than the old one. And it seems like you parent moved on but in reality you moved on. And now you're trying harder than ever to hold yourself together, still believe in true love and not make your parents mistakes. And everyone pitys you to such a sickening extent.

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