Beautifully Decaying

October 29, 2008
By Bill Shrader, Olympia, WA

Every night I see her in my dreams

So beautiful she is but it seems

That she is slowly fading

Her life's becoming a darker shading

A soul that is so full of sorrow

Her heart inside now is hollow

For all she feels is the pain

While she hides her tears in the rain

Cause she will never let it go

Even though shes going to know

That inside she is dying

And for that shes always crying

Her soul is broken

Her words unspoken

She knows that when the time is right

Everything will heal and she'll be back in sight

But she continues to keep delaying

Even though shes beautifully decaying

The author's comments:
One of my friends was going through alot of problems, but she always put an act on, making people think she was strong, but she was taking up bad habbits, she pushed people who could help her out of her life just so she could make them think she was strong enough to deal with lifes problems on her own

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