October 29, 2008
I can see the forest beyond the window, the trees swaying this way and that.
The leaves, moving to their own beat of drums.
I walk out of the door; I can hear the faint footsteps I leave behind.
Then onto the unexplored, the unknown.
It calls to me as I stand still, staring at the unexpected beauty.
The birds, saying their secret code that only they understand.
The damp soil lies under my feet, how cool it feels when it swipes against my skin.
Why do I stare? I’ve seen this forest before, yet it captures me a second time.
I take one step, as if I am learning to walk again.
I can hear the cricket, the howling beyond the small creature’s song.
Today, I feel brave, like a Bear ready to run,
After the winter slumber into unknown territory.
As I walk through the trees I smell, hear, and see for the first time in my life.
I smell the open air, with the sent of pumpkin pie, cooking by a windowsill.
I hear the animals, before I would mistake them for ruffling leaves.
I see the vivid colors of green, brown, and red as if being painted in front of me.
I walk proud, knowing that I have seen the true beauty of a forest.

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