My Facade

October 29, 2008
I wear this mask on my face to hide,
anything will do just so I can get by;
The fear that's underneath you’ll never see,
for I’m the only one who gets to see the real me;
The world is my audience watching my show,
never knowing which direction I might choose to go;
I spread my wings to make them gasp,
this concept to some is hard to grasp;
I show them beauty and freedom as I fly,
but under the mask the tears I cry;
Inside I’m just a child yearning to be safe,
there’s too much pain when I show my true face;
I’ve trusted too many and hurt much more,
but when I look at you-I’m ready to explore;
My mask comes off and light shines through,
showing my sparkling eyes gazing at you;
Not only now will I make my emotions broad,
but now I will receive my audiences applaud.

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DesertFlower said...
Nov. 6, 2008 at 6:48 pm
That was so cool! It all intwined and flowed beautifully.
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