Lessons of Life

October 29, 2008
By sneha chatterjee, Ballarpur, ZZ

One day each, a lesson to learn,
One week each, knowledge to earn,
One by one, sorrows to perish,
Seconds to seconds, every moments to cherish.

From months to years, so many dreams,
All in one, falling like streams,
From years to years, goals to achieve,
From the mistakes regretted, ceases mischief.

From times and tides, so many years,
But oh! Alas!, so many failures,
From visions to commitments is what one admires,
From failures to success,so many desires.

To win and loose, reputations to remember,
From reputations to reputaions, learn to be a winner,
Be winners or loosers, no time to waste,
To start the journey haste.

Don't be afraid, just do your best,
Because life is a challenging test,
If stepped back, don't be a coward drake,
Move forward, got up, awake!

The author's comments:
Different people have different goals to achieve in their life, But the lessons that life teaches us are all the same. Life is a mysterious journey towards a destination through which we learn so many things. We should be brave enough to face all the difficulties and all the consequences we will have to deal with. So wake up and work hard. Never give up hope and one day you will see that you have finally reached your goals

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