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The Speakers

They have no notion of the oceans they leave behind
all the bone shattering gales confined within
these men that strive to prove themselves
the men that try to improve themselves
to be the one that delves farther into themselves
than anyone else
just to prove a point
They lay down a blanket of silence over crowds
whose complience is measured in the ferocity of howls
screaching in protest of the stressed and the blessed
tearing down the media we digest
I am pressed to conceive of a world in wich the people believe little more than their thoughts unfurled
a place in which all may exist as we so loudly boast
a place in which these men resist proudly the ghosts
that haunt the words they speak over nations
the voices that carry our foundations
a place where all the frustrations of past quotations
are instead inverted
disaster diverted
mobs deserted
men converted

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